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About us
Historical background

Menyenya S.D.A high school was established in 1975 by the Seventh Day Adventist Church community. This was a time when there was a great need for secondary school education but secondary schools were few. It established on a small piece of land which had been bought from a British settler by Menyenya Co-operative society. The settler’s house which stood on the land was converted into a multipurpose building to house the administration offices, classrooms and a dormitory for the school to start. The servants’ quarters were converted into staff houses.
A house and its servant’s quarter was bought from the Ministry of Agriculture.
Currently, the house is occupied by the principal while the servant quarter is occupied by the boarding teacher
Later the community mobilized resources and built eight classrooms. In 1980 the Europe economy committee assisted the school to put up eight dormitories, a kitchen and a dining hall.
With the input of parents, the government of Kenya and well-wishers, the school has so far 18clasrooms, 21 staff houses, a dining hall, a kitchen, 3 science laboratories, a home science room, a computer laboratory, a library, an ICT centre, a chapel, a dispensary, a poshmill, a generator, a water treatment plant, a bakery, a modern four storey boys’ dormitory and 12 other dormitories. The school has a bus and a van.
Old colonial house now serves as the administration block housing the administration offices, the examination office, the boarding office, the mathematics department office and the office of the humanities. All departments have offices.
Under construction are a modern four storey girls’ dormitory and the school play grounds. The school also has a tree plantation. It occupies about 20 acres of land.
The school has been doing in national examination with a percentage pass rate of 80%.

 The school has so far been served by principals as shown in the table below.

Name of principal



Mr. Alfred Momanyi Rosasi




Mr. Job Gesembe Ong’ombe




Mr. Stephen Momanyi Makori




Mr. Charles Maangi Maoga



To Date



SCHOOL VISION: A Centre of Excellence

SCHOOL MISSION: To provide quality education and develop an excellent all-round student

Our Core Values:…

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